About Us

The Story Behind “Mediterra”

Many years ago, during a trip to the Turkish Riviera, I discovered the most amazing jewelry in a quaint little shop in the beautiful coastal resort town of Bodrum. The handmade 24 karat gold creations were exquisite and unlike anything I had ever seen. I learned that these 24 karat gold pieces were artistically produced in Istanbul, and the stunning designs were inspired by workmanship from the Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine empires.

Intrigued by what I saw that afternoon in Turkey, I was determined to make these treasures available to other women like myself, who appreciate fine quality, handcrafted jewels based on ancient antiquities and art.

MediterraTM was founded in New York City on this concept and offers an extensive selection of dramatic and elegant 24 karat gold jewelry featuring gold and silver settings with extraordinary precious and semi-precious stones. Mediterra also offers a beautiful selection of craft and fashion jewelry from specialty and up-and-coming designers from across the country and around the world.

Indulge yourself in Mediterra bringing old world allure to modern style.